VulkanCast Brexit Special

- 1 min

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A few weeks back after the Brexit result became evident Marc Farley, of In Tech We Trust fame, asked me to come on his VulcanCast Vlog series to talk about how I thought Brexit could impact technology in the UK – from workers there and abroad, venture capital, IP and related topics, including safe harbor for data in the cloud and data sovereignty.

This was really fun, and although I don’t pretend to be a political expert, it was an interesting change sharing my views on something more abstract than technology, and what I’ve heard from colleagues in the industry about their potential fears around the Brexit vote.

The video, along with the rest of Marc’s RideCasts (with some real rock stars in the passenger seat) can be found at - definitely worth a watch for bite size, 5 minute takes on the technology industry.

Ed Morgan

Ed Morgan

Technical Product Manager @ Rubrik, I like the Cloud, automation, and picking heavy things up then putting them down again.

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