I also really like public speaking. Typically I tend to give talks on automation/orchestration, cloud, and the benefits of adopting these kind of ‘DevOps’ principles can bring to a business. Unfortunatley most of the below are Rubrik pitches in some way. I’ll fix that going forwards.

2018 Faves

London VMUG

I did a loose Rubrik pitch at the London VMUG in March 2018, focussing on the benefits an API first architecture can bring to an IT department, and how Rubrik’s approach to data management can enable you to get value out of your dataset, even when it’s no longer in production.

Original slides are here:

2017 Faves

South West VMUG

Another fun VMUG presentation focussing on automation, whilst still pitching Rubrik. I can’t seem to find any images from the event, but here’s Barry Coombs’ take aways from the session:

This is a modified deck version of the deck that I presented at Cloud Expo Europe a couple of months earlier, with some extra “fun” bits for the VMUG crowd, and can be found here:

Cloud Expo Europe 2017

Keynote session pitching Rubrik. This was my second week in the job, and I barely knew the product, so quite happy to have pulled it off tbh…

I’ve not bothered uploading the deck as it was just a sanitized version of the one from the SWUKVMUG above.

Earlier talks that I’ve remembered and thought are worth mentioning

These are mostly from back in the day.

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